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Beyond Bagels

With the hustle and bustle of Long Island life, this is the one place you can count on for fast friendly service and fresh high quality foods, coffee's, drinks and salads. To ensure we serve the freshest hot bagels, we bake them hourly, starting at 5am. Beyond Bagels, your new destination in Jericho, Long Island.

Enjoy our newly renovated, relaxed dining atmosphere, which includes inside and outside seating, charging stations, Wi-Fi, cable TV, music and a self- service coffee bar. We are the place to come to for breakfast, lunch, early dinner or a late day snack.
(FREE Delivery on all orders of $20 or more. A $5 delivery fee will be added to any order that is less then $20. ).
Text us your entire order with any specific directions you have for us. Let us know if its a pickup or delivery order. If you decide to pay with a credit card, you can put your credit card information on our protected text.  You will receive a confirmation reply  with your order number. This is the number you will give us when you come to the counter.  If for some reason you don't get a confirmation shortly after texting, then please call us at 516-822-4477. Sometimes people with Verizon phones will not get an order number back even though the text went through. Sometimes Verizon phones don't work on certain days, and we don't know the reason why.
When picking up your order, skip the normal line and go to the left and wait under the ZINGLE sign(which is to the left of the far left cash register) and give one of our staff the number that was texted back to you.

About the owner: Dr. Robert Kleinwaks has a degree in nutrition, and is always trying to add healthy choices to the delicious menu. Call Robert at work (516-822-4477) or his cell(516-647-2222) to discuss catering your next party, barbecue, or special event, even if its with short notice. We will do our best to get it done and  make it memorable, no matter how large or small.